Urban shapes Project

The vision

My gaze rests on things and shapes, but becomes also matter, color, thickness, relief, crack, shadow, reflection, so that the observer can feel the emotions they stirred in me. Emotion must give back to these neglected corners their own dignity through pictures teaching you how to look at things, and how to feel them.


The project focuses on forgotten spots because they have lost their value, invisible surfaces because they have been kept away, irrelevant details because they are too small. With sharp attention to shapes. The peeling wall crossed by disused electrical cables of a house behind the Porto cathedral (Portugal) is thus transformed into an abstract composition made of backgrounds, textures, joints, threads casting shadows. The detail of a huge door in the monastery of Santa Caterina al Sasso (Italy) becomes a chiaroscuro of geometric figures – circles, lines, flashes. A courtyard next to the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Cinisello Balsamo (Italy) is a slab of beeswax or amber scratched and sprinkled with stone crumbs, and so on. Images that move through space are carved out of light and shadows.

© Alessandra Repossi