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© Alessandra Repossi
Alessandra Repossi (Milan, 1965) began by taking landscape photographs for magazines (Gardenia and Repubblica) for which, as a journalist, she wrote articles.
She trained at the New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA) in Milan and dedicated herself to art photography by studying the works of the great masters.

Her latest works include In the Balkans, a visual journey through the territories of former Yugoslavia; Flumen, which gives shape to her personal vision of the Po river; Urban Shapes, in which she tries to remove all unnecessary details to capture the true nature of urban forms, represented in almost macro details; Visions of a City, in which she portrays monuments and hidden spots of a Tuscan medieval town to portray timelessness; and Silence Reigns Within, her visual journey through the Nazi concentration camps of Mauthausen and Risiera di San Sabba, in which the dreadful past of the places is evoked by brutal and contrasting tones.

Following the meeting with Father Lorenzo Milani’s students, she created One Memory, One Place, an exhibition plus book inspired by Un paese by Paul Strand and Cesare Zavattini, which contributes to the dissemination of the teachings of this unconventional priest.

She participated in several group and solo exhibitions, and in 2014-2015 she worked in the collective “Gruppo E” in Milan.

Her photo portfolio One Memory, One Place, 16 35x50 prints on cotton paper, is hosted at the Father Milani Archive in Montespertoli (Florence, Italy), while her photos feature in public and private collections.